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  1. thanks for the rep... I will check again but don't recall seeing anything when I looked at the pamphlet the first time (hoping there was a coupon... LOL it's sad where we start thinking to check everything for a coupon). Thanks for the tip And of course for all your hardwork with the scan thread
  2. I have a coupon of the $2 tostitos that are good canada wide... picked them up when i was using my FPCs from the Pepsi promo... PM me if you're interested
  3. thanks for the rep! hope you had a great weekend!
  4. thanks! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!
  5. thanks for the rep! Tough last night for your boys last night
  6. Very welcome - glad you know know that it doesn't say "up to" and just says "Save $3" - those coupons are very far and few between lol - I don't even eat hh - just keep the pasta and the coupon and throw out the mix lol
  7. thanks for the rep on my post on the walmart beef thread... but I thought the wording on the coupon said "up to $3 off" which would mean that they take the whole price or up to $3, not $3 irregardless of the cost of the item. I've gotten overages on other things but not on an "up to $XXXX" coupon
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