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  1. you click on the blue number beside trade rating on my profile... then follow the links that pertain
  2. How do I give you a positive rep
  3. Shud... I got the Sobeys ones a few weeks back (the week it was dollar days there). The London Drugs ones were still on the shelf on friday evening when I stopped in at the LTS LD.... but when I went to Beddington... I never did see any there.... HTHs and woohooo!! on the Stayfree...
  4. Hey Freefreed!
    I'm wondering about your dove coupons...I went to sobeys, LD, safeway and zellars...only found the ones that end in 30s at both safeway and zellers like you said...when did you see the sobeys and LD ones? I must have missed them oh well...thanks for your brag, I was able to get 12 stayfree packs today for free!!!
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