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  1. The SDM across from Devonshire Mall had very few Pampers left yesterday all at 9.99. They had the most diapers on clearance that I've seen.
  2. yea my boys can' t wear huggies eather and i will look at the east side in windsor so will let you know if i find something. let me know if you find some good deal on pampers
  3. The only diapers I found at a good price were some of the Huggies ones (that my daughter doesn't wear) at the SDM on Grand Marias by Dominion. I'm actually going to stop today at the Howard/Tecumseh location and see if I find any there.
  4. Hi! Just wondering did you find diapers on a good price? I'm inn Windsor too and just found little bags for 9.99.
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