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  1. Hope your enjoying your night fuimus!

  2. My best wishes this holiday season fuimus!
  3. A lot of fun is right! I love the Jazz Fest time of year, bring it on!!!
  4. I have been there the last 3 years, always a lot of fun.
  5. That's a drag he moved!!! Have you been checking out the Jazz Fest for how many years? I've been coming for at least 10 years. The streetfest has a lot of the same bands but I enjoy it a lot!!!!
  6. I have a friend who used to live on Scarboro Beach Blvd. It was a great place to sleep over/sleep it off, after the Jazz Festival..sadly he has moved away.
  7. Too bad you missed the Waterfront Blues Fest. I know you were planning to come down on Saturday, I went for a couple bands that day but what cold, crappy weather. Friday night I enjoyed Chuck Jackson. Sunday was so nice out and the music was good. I don't blame you for not coming on Saturday from Miss. I just walk over so it's easy for me. The buskerfest must have been fun, I go every year when it's on here in August!
  8. Oh Argentina! That must have been an interesting trip! I thought you were somewhere hot right now. Sunscreen really is important. when I was in Mexico a few months ago I used some that had almost expired and got burned anyways!

    oh and thanks for the friendship request, I accept!
  9. That burn happened in Argentina in January.. It is all better now. Luckily there was an aloe vera plant growing near by. Fresh slabs of aloe helped sooth the pain. Thanks! Jim
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