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  1. Merry Christmas!
  2. thanks for the rep! yes, the view now is priceless lol. Guess that's just life huh? had the perfect home, but was miserable. Now I don't care where the hell I live as long as I have bf with me

    How goes the saga of the crappy landlord?
  3. lol!! Yep, a little to late for the good cop/bad cop routine. Man I feel for you. That's a horrible situation to be in. And it's easy for people to say just move out, but it's such a pain in the butt to pick up and move, especially when you never know what you're in for at the next place. Could be worse! lol Everyone's all nice as pie when they want you to move in!
  4. She thinks we are both mental now, so its too late, she had a run in with hubby last year and when she threatened me, I stuck my finger in her face and started yelling at her
  5. Yeah I'm still renting. Owned a condo with ex-husband for a while, but that was in Newmarket, then I moved back here and lived at my ex-boyfriends house for a while. I got an apartment in my mom's building last year when I left him. It's actually a really good building. The super here, she never rests! lol She's awesome. She's always busy cleaning and running around. So I'm actually really lucky.

    Seriously you guys should try good cop bad cop. You just go mental and then have your husband calm you down lol. You've got nothing to lose, and maybe it'll put some fear into your landlord lol.
  6. Ahhhhhhh that was pretty clever, playing good cop bad cop LOL, I like to play the crazy person too
    I'm glad you got a couple months rent outta them, too bad it wasn't more! Are you fairly happy in your place now? Minus the naked guy lol
    Are you still renting?
  7. He told the landlord I was crazy but I know what I'm talking about, and said stuff like "don't worry about her, I'll keep her under control, just give us a couple months rent back, we'll be on our way, and I'll make sure she doesn't pursue anything." LOL It worked like a charm!! He cut us a cheque next day for two months rent and we were OUTTA there!
  8. Cops don't like paper work lol. Definitely bring hubby along to confront her. Ex-husband and I once did a good cop/bad cop routine on a landlord. He tried to screw us so we screwed back. We had found another place and were going to tell him we were moving, BUT we wanted money back for all the bs. We sat him down and I went mental threatening him with everything under the sun form the landlord tenant act. Ex-hubby played buddy buddy, told me to shut up. We faked a fight, I ran off to another room to listen and laugh...
  9. Love your page anne!!!!! WOW, you got threatened like that? That's crazy! I cant believe the cops didn't do anything about that I haven't heard from my landlord yet, but I gotta pay rent today so this should be a lot of fun. I'm bringing hubby with me because last time I confronted her I was alone and she had her hubby and workers around. I will not be intimidated by anyone. You hit the nail on the head, she thinks she can take the $ for the rent and not do anything in return. I hate renting from people. I have had 7 apartments in 15 yrs because of jerk off landlords, moved 5 times in 5 yrs.
  10. naked guy has had his lights off 4 the past 2 days. Next time, I'm taking pictures & plastering them all over the lobby of both buildings. Small potatoes though compared to ur land lord issues. People think they can take ur $ free & clear, & don't seem 2 understand that part of the rent ur paying is FOR building/unit up keep and repair. The last people I rented from, started threatening my ex-husband & I as we were moving out?! Their son in law flung open a door, almost nailed me with it, & asked me if I would like my teeth knocked out. My ex-husband was a bigger girl than me. He ran into the bedroom & called the police lol. I wasn't scared so I didn't back down lol. I had 2 argue with the police over the semantics of the threat. Cos he phrased it in the form of a question..."would u LIKE me 2 knock out all ur teeth?" it wasn't a threat. Nevermind that he was actually waving his fist in my face. fun times! Hope u find a solution to ur issues without any1 getting hurt. lol
  11. Happy Labour Day!!!!!!
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