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  1. please don't I have a bad memory and I bet 99 precent I will forgot something for you ; ) lol
  2. Your welcome, I felt horrible I missed your birthday hun, hope it was really nice
  3. thanks for the rep : )
  4. Merry Christmas!
  5. Happy Halloween!!!
  6. thanks big Snoopy fan : ) Thanks so stoppng by miss chatting with you!!!! Been busy with my new job!
  7. Love your page friend!!!! Great job, makes me think halloween hehehe. Hows life been treating you?
  8. Sorry to hear if you ever need to vent I am a pm away : )
  9. Hi you!!!
    I'm pretty sick, thats about all I can say. I dont wanna bum ppl out lol
    How are things with you and your family? I miss seeing you! I have been coming on here and there but I cant sit for long peroids of time so its hard.
  10. I am doing So nice to see you on again!
  11. Hi!!
    How have you been?
  12. yummy thanks...........and no bugs I promise
  13. are you sure there are no hidden bugs in that one? Like a bee in the flower or something lol, I like that one
    Here is some stuff for you
  14. LMAO ok here is a better treat

  15. LOL, no, it sure isn't something I'd ever eat. I'm pretty picky about food, fruit & veg, dairy, not a big meat eater, hate seafood, ants (yuckie) any insects, never, even if the world could no longer produce food, I will starve before I'd eat an insect!!!!!! I cant even kill em, I call hubby
  16. So u didn't like my treat? lol

  17. Baked Ants??????
  18. Gimmie something good to eat
  19. Smell my feet
  20. trick or treat
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