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  1. Just dropping by to say HI!!! Haven't seen you in a while but it wouldn't be an official advent train without you!
  2. I am so glad you are enjoying all the prezzies esp.the rug! LOL! Love your dog!
  3. Ahhhh, the MC rug is awesome!! TY! When I was taking all of the prezzies out of the box, that was the one that caught my eye lol. Every day I would look at it and wrack my brain trying to figure out what it was.
  4. Had so much fun putting it together! You are very Welcome! Enjoy!!!!
  5. Hi! I rec'd my package today. Thank you so much, it looks like you put a lot of work into wrapping all the presents. They all look so pretty!
  6. Oh good! I was hoping it wasn't lost. Take care and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  7. I DID! I DID! Thank you so much for the lovely ROAK! I have been meaning to message you..we have had the flu here off and on forever! I always have an window open on SC but have not been keeping up!
  8. Hey there. Did you happen to receive anything in the last little while from me?...
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