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  1. Hiya, how ya doing? Long time no talk.
  2. Hi Tammy! How's everything going? We're trying to recover from our getting back into the swing of things. I've been baking and Christmas shopping, and for some reason, I haven't been online a lot lately...usually I can find the time, but not right now. I've hardly seen any tearpad coupons at the stores either, the ones I do see are old, or empty. Talk to you later,

  3. Poppin in to say hi
  4. Mama never raised no fools. Are you from Lethbridge? I've lived in Lethbridge for almost 5 years now, I was born and raised in the Crowsnest Pass.
  5. lol, now I had a hunch you were going to say that ha ha.
  6. No thank you very there, done that, not going back now. I'll just enjoy watching everyone
  7. My son will be 16 in April. All I hear him talk about is games and music. Ackkkkk lol, wanna borrow him until he's 18? lol Mind ya, he'll always live at home, so age don't matter here lol
  8. My daughters are over 21 now, and have their own kids...of course, I cursed them both when they were younger. I told them to have kids just like themselves. My oldest daughter said that was mean, my youngest daughter said thank you. Go grand-daughter Trinity, is just like her mother...God does love me, and He has a sense of humor. My youngest daughter's kids are just like her too, but they're calm and pretty even tempered.

    How old is your son?
  9. I now find I say that to my teenaged son lol, he just laughs and says "But ya love me...right?...right??" ha ha, I just look up and whistle lol.
  10. My Mom used to say that to me my daughters grew up, I totally understood it!
  11. lol, my mom used to always say to me when I did something stupid as a kid "no wonder pigs eat their young" lol. Hmmmm, I seem to remember I heard that a lot lol...sigh lol.
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