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  1. Thanks foe the well-wishes. Napping is tops on the to-do list each day! Take care
  2. Congrats...great picture. Rest when you can!
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and healthy 2013.
  4. Thanks for the rep and have a great Hallowe'en!
  5. Thanks for the rep! I hope you got out to enjoy the better-than-expected weekend. Turned out to be a little chilly for motorcycling, but nothing that I couldn't handle
  6. Have a great Canada Day
  7. Thanks for the rep! 31C inside the house last night when I went to bed... I am dreaming of getting out and playing in the snow!!
  8. Tried to send you a rep & was denied...have one great day!
  9. Thanks for the rep! The rain held off here, hopefully you had a good game
  10. Tried to send you a rep & the warden said no . Have an awesome day!
  11. Thanks for the rep! I hope you had a great ski day; I wish I'd been on the mountain this weekend instead of working on the house!
  12. More snow's in the forecast here, so hopefully you'll be getting the same - skiing's just so much more fun with some fresh powder. Thanks for the rep and have a great day!
  13. Thanks for the mid-week reps! LOL, I'll probably have to do schoolw*rk this weekend, but at least it'll be at my own pace. Have a great one!
  14. Thanks for the rep! Not only am I thinking snow, I'm shovelling it
  15. Soooo jealous! I went to the motorcycle show in Toronto last weekend and was super jealous of everyone who got to ride to the show... it had been -12C and snowing when I left home; if it was that warm here, I'd be riding for sure!

    I don't ride a Honda, but this is how I feel:

    Have a great weekend!

  16. It was a go today!
  17. LOL!!!! Great minds think alike; I was TOTALLY thinking about Port Dover today! We are in the middle of getting 15cm of snow at the moment, but if I could get my bike off my street, I would LOVE to go! (I will ride in the winter provided it's a warm day with clear roads, but today's not that day... )
  18. Thanks for the rep! Happy Sunday!
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