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  1. Have a great Canada Day!
  2. Thanks for the rep! The weekend was half great and half bad... you just never know what family will do/say, I guess. I have fairly thick skin, but it still gets to me sometimes. At least DH and I are now back at home and don't have to deal with any relatives until next weekend when it's time to go see his family.
  3. you go, girl!
  4. Thanks for the rep! The end is indeed in sight... although for some strange reason, I'm having trouble focusing on the revisions :/ I guess at the heart of it, I'm a bit nervous for the final big step. I've got a deadline, though, so here goes nothing
  5. Thanks for the rep! It was a good weekend - we stayed home and relaxed for a change.... way better than travelling and dealing with family
  6. Thanks for the rep! I hope your long weekend is lots of fun
  7. thanks for the rep! I hope you're having a great day
  8. Thanks for the rep! I hope you had a great Easter
  9. WOW! you go girl!!!
    sounds interesting!
  10. My dissertation is in criminology, and the topic is the social networks and community experiences of women over the age of fifty who face marginalization, criminalization and homelessness. (The cocktail party version of my thesis is: "Older homeless women: what the hell?!?" )
  11. what's your topic?
  12. Thanks for the rep Every bit of encouragement helps me make it through this crazy week!
  13. Thanks for the rep! I hope you have a great day
  14. Thanks for the rep. I hope you have a great day!
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