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  1. Ohhh he is absolutely precious!!! Enjoy every minute... I know it's cliche and you really won't believe it (I know I didn't!) but they grow up so fast!!! My oldest will be 10 this year and I wonder, how the hell did that happen?? LOL
  2. Thanks for the well-wishes. Dec. 29th was my official 'due date', but I wasn't complaining when bub came early! I posted a pic in the rep day thread, but here's the link to another... I hope 2013's off to a good start for you!
  3. Ohhhh, I was just thinking about you last night!!! I was going to message you and see what was going on. Congratulations!!! Have you posted pictures yet? I can't wait to see him!!!

    My birthday is the 29th, very close!!
  4. Just logged back on after my baby hiatus. My little boy arrived 12/27 (your birthday or next to it, no?! ), weighing in at 7lbs 3oz. It was a bit of a crazy day (snowstorm and fast labour), but I'm so glad he's here. I hope 2013 is off to a good start for you!
  5. Ohhh, I was hoping baby would be here by now!!! You poor thing Hope you made the best of Christmas though!!
  6. I hope you have a Merry Christmas... at least better than mine of aches, pains and not-so-patiently waiting for a baby!
  7. Thanks for the rep! I do love a good morning of cartoons
  8. Thanks for the rep! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :D
  9. Thanks for the well-wishes. I am just wishing that I would get at least a wee bit of my energy back; I am 19 weeks, but still exhausted all the time. I'm really glad to hear that you did so well in school - I know how good it feels to make it through something that you've put your mind to

    As for a meetup, Melissa (Aussie) is on her way back to Ottawa very soon; we should organize a meetup to shoot the breeze and catch up. Melissa and I already talked about doing something, but didn't know who else would be available and up to it... looks like we might get a little group again
  10. I'm so happy for you! I know you had mentioned before that you were trying to get pregnant- so yay!!

    I finished the PSW course at the end of June (graduated top of my class!) but I'm still looking for work. I'm probably not looking as hard as I should at the moment, I'm kind of enjoying being lazy for the summer lol. I'll start really looking in September when my little guy starts school.

    I hope we can manage to get together for another coupon meet this year, it was SO much fun last year
  11. Hey you! Long time, no chat! Yup, it took a really, really long time (and 3 doctors) but I'm finally expecting #1!! That, and it looks like I will be finishing school this August, in time to graduate in October I am totally hoping that the gowns come in maternity sizes

    How are things with you? Is the PSW course still on, or are you through?? I hope you're enjoying our hot summer this year!
  12. Hey girl! I'm guessing that congratulations are in order??
  13. Glad to hear things are going well with the course That's super cool that it's a condensed one; I always hate when courses seem to drag out, especially when you're enthusiastic to do the work and get through!

    I am on a tight deadline for my advisor - I need to have a full, front-to-back, draft of my thesis to her by March 31st. (Yes, it's a Saturday, but that didn't seem to bother her ) It is crazy, but I am thinking that I'll be able to rest and breathe a bit on April 1st (although that's probably an April fools' joke that I'm playing on myself!!) That, and I've got a research contract for which I've got to get a bunch of work done by March 20th. In short, I just seem to sit in front of the computer and type, type, type! Gah! I am soooo looking forward to spring. At least, with St. Patty's Day here, I know it's on the way.

    Have a great day
  14. Hi! Thanks for thinking of me The course is going great, I love it! It's a condensed course so it's only 6 months in total. I have 2 more weeks left of theory and then I'm on to placement until the end of June I'm really happy with how it's going and how well I'm doing... I was worried about it, to be honest!

    How are things with you?
  15. Hi Sheets! I just wanted to check in to see how the PSW course is going. Are you enjoying it? I've been thinking about you and a lot of my fellow SC'ers who are studying right now as school is driving me insane at the moment... just so much of it, that is!

    Here's hoping all is going well for you Have a great weekend!
  16. Oh good, I'm glad you liked it! Love those egg coupons and SDM always has eggs for a good price Thanks for celebrating with me!
  17. Hey Sheets! I just got the prize envie from the post party yesterday evening. All I can say is, Wow! Thanks so much for all of the goodies. I went out to SDM last night and used one of the egg coupons... awesome!! <3
  18. Thanks for the rep I'm hoping this will be the year, but apparently I will have to work through some fertility issues first. I'm waiting for an OB/GYN referral appointment right now as my GP has no clue what's going on...
  19. Thanks for the rep! Have a wonderful weekend and all the best for both you and your mom for next week - soon enough, she'll have the surgery behind her and be on the road to recovery
  20. Thanks for the rep! Here's hoping your new year is off to a good start
  21. All the best to you in 2012!
  22. Thanks for the rep! All the best to you on your birthday
  23. Thanks! This is my second time doing it- I took it years ago lol. I'm taking it in Winchester so it shouldn't be too hard!
  24. Good luck with the road test! If you're taking it at Walkley road Ottawa, the examiners are super nice, at least the ones I got! (I hear, though, that the tests are easier if you book at the smaller test centres outside of town.)
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