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  1. Okay had to google that one!!
  2. Yakadanda
  3. Cool!!! where abouts do they live???
  4. Australia would be nice!! Would love to get there someday! My aunt and uncle and cousins are there!
  5. Sadly Im not going anywhere lol, my sister and I are going halves in paying for Mum's plane ticket to visit us in Canada! my sis lives in BC, and Im in NB, so shes gonna spend 6 weeks with me and 6 weeks at her place....
    I would LOVE to go back home ( Australia) for another visit, but its cheaper for Mum to come here.... Im madly saving for a baby fund..( not pregnant yet, dont start any rumours LOL, just being prepared!)
  6. Thank you!

    Where are you going to go with your free plane ticket?
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