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  1. HI ya, thank you for thinking of me. been so busy with my new 2nd job and working out no time to coupon anymore.. except for a quick stop in at Metro the other day got some new coupons to now put away! grrrrrrrrrrrrr .. i miss trading!
  2. Just popping in to say HI! Have a great day!
  3. damn i sent it a while ago.. your's is great not sure which one it was!? i think the 2nd it was dated march
  4. so glad you finally got yours! Wonder if it was the missing 1st one or the second one????

    No, I didn't get yours yet....have to wait till Monday now
  5. I got it today!: yippie!: .. geez I was starting to worry ..!
    thank you so much i'll leave u feedback now i hope your's arrives soon
  6. not yet....maybe today *fingers crossed* I usually start stalking the mailman in about an
  7. I got mail today. I'm going to check now.. did u get my envie?!
  8. I was just curious if you got either of the envies yet?
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