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  1. thanks for post! my christmas was pretty good! thanks to the freebies lol. my new years is starting out ruff. but getting back on track. how are you doing chickey?

    and wats this about a batch of kitties???
  2. hope you had the bestest of holidays!
  3. LOL. okay, well first off anyone in the pointsandprizes thread will be eager to help you if i'm not around, or if i just don't know.

    okay, you can go straight to www.pointsandprizes at the top on the right is the signup. They will email you a pswrd, and after you put it in you can change it to something you'll remember.

    Once logged in you'll see a tab that says MEMBERS. this is where you enter words for pts. Now you can get the words from our p&p thread, but we are a chatty bunch so you'll be sifting thru alot of posts (interesting stuff tho). So we also have a wiki: is on the very first page of the thread. LOLcat updates this almost daily with all the current words. and they expire, so make sure you check the dates. That will get you caught up. You can enter 5 words per hour. And you can have 2 accts per household (one per person). So if you have someone else in your house sign them up too. And you get pts for referring them o wait, what a dumbutt, where's my referral id for that thing...i don't have one.. i have to refer via email. nm that. just sign up it's not that many pts..least i don't think so lol

    okay. where to start?

    1. signup, 2. get pswrd, 3. check wiki and enter words...

    oh you have to sign up for the newsletters so you can help us find words, and to get extra pts. let me grab that for you now..

    its on the bottom of the members page.

    ok, so you can view the prizes. it does not take long to rack up the pts. several ways to do it. we find words
    1. newsletters
    2. monthly word hunts. they'll post words all thru their partner sites and on the sheknows msg boards. we've got most of them now (on wiki). the sheknows msg boards we're looking for. but don't worry about those, we'll get there.
    3. entering contests. now this is a biggy, or at least it used to be. you would get 1000 pts for entering certain contests. like back to school, fathers day, etc. i actually won the "most charasmatic cat contest" and they sent me a $500 US visa G/C and a bag of cat litter

    you also get pts for voting in these contests

    and they also have a tab that says contests, and you'll see a ton. they post KEYWORDS there too. you'll see them highlighted, you enter those for pts as well. and some of our sc'ers won these hourly contests. (you can enter hourly). some really nice prizes there to be won. i wish i hadda won the wii and wii fit pkg. that woulda been niice.

    so i've been on it since may. i have 2 accts at my house. my mom has 2, and often i use hers for myself, lol. so in all i got
    3 books for my son (hardcovers)
    1 book for a friend
    3 dvd's
    1 heelgrips
    1 bra barette (wtf, i donno)
    and i ordered a set of lamps for lolcats daughter who was scared to go to sleep at night.

    a few of us do that. if someone doesn't have the pts we get it for them, and what goes around comes around. i also ordered a dvd for another member, and then another member got me the white house pets dvd for my son because i ran outta pts. lol.

    but i mainly go there because of the nice bunch of ppl. it is the most viewed thread on SC. and frankly some of the stuff they post..buncha nuts. you'll get a kick out of some of them.
  4. lol - i laffed when i saw mbgurl's name too lol

    i tried going to the word search point thingee after sugning up, but it was all rather a lot to take in - a walk rhrough would be lovely!
  5. ya the ppl that posted with the exception of jen (who had nice comment) were ppl i have never seen before. nope we are not like that at all. i don't know what rock they crawled out from under but i hope they go back!

    and i'm so glad that they din't turn you off of Sc. that wouldn't have been good at all.

    i see you met mbgurl hmm.. you guys related? sharing the same name lol. mb is very nice. (and funny). i'm usually in the pointsandprizes thread. if your not familar with how that works i can walk you thru it. we sign up at or (actually you might have to sign up at both, i fugget), we "hunt" for words in newsletters, online, enter contests, and the words convert to pts to cash in for kewl prizes. we all work together to max our pts.

    it's the sheknows pointsandprizes under freebies thread (one of the top ones, with all the thumbs..UP) lol.

    welcome to SC chickey. enjoy your stay!
  6. thanks much for your kind words - thankfully sally888 put my misplaced post out of it misery. several ppl have pmd me to let me know that the board isn't all like that, and it truly does mean the world to me (one of those weeks!) thanks for taking time out of yur day to brighten mine!
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