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  1. Holy snap!!! now those are some good deals! I realized that by posting the deals we were giving everyone a chance to get them which meant less for us which is fine since I grabbed my share the first time but their ignorance is bliss!

    I guess I can make second trips now!... Havent got anything really worth telling you at the moment beside the Olay's lol
  2. Thanks for the message. Yes, I am still getting the at Zeller's, paid only $4.50 for 24 cans of Campbell's mushroom soup, 8 free soup at hand, 8 bottles of soda (pepsi) and 12 cases of Nestea green and white tea various way in hell I would post that! LOL! But my boys love it when I bring home all the extras for them!
  3. I understand how you feel on the deals... I no longer post my deals or pics because of a few negative comments not reps! I dont let it get to me that far but it rather pissed me off (soo sorry) that one has to question why I purchased 28 of such and such... I dont have to explain that I pass them out to my family and donate some to the less fortunate, I dont have time to type that in all my posts. I could handle 1 or 2 but its the constant omg's that get to me... sorry... lol thanks for listening

    Hope you're still gettin them deals, I am
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