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  1. Popping in to say hi and yes i do still live Hope youre having a good 2009 so far
  2. Love the new pic

  3. Ok I got Ben to sleep so I finally have 5 mins to catch up with everyone ! The vacation went great although travelling with a baby was interesting ! I think the hubby and I need a vacation to get over the vacation ! Hope everything is well with you and hope you're having some nice summer weather Hugs !
  4. Happy Happy Canada Day 2008!!!

    Hope yours is GREAT!!!
  5. Heyas Weekend has been busy but I finally got 5 mins to pop on and say hello this morning Hope you and the family is having a good one !
  6. Heyas Hope you had a nice weekend, I had a nice one with the Hubby and Ben, Ben is so close to crawling now its scarey !
  7. Its was nice today was Emmy day (something my husband invented) Its a day I usually completely forget about when my hubby gives me a gift, its always on the 4th of June every year and is his was of treating me. This year he gave me the first season of The Tudors on dvd so im happy I never got a chance to see the series when it was first aired and I love English history being a brit and tudor/elizabethan period is my favorite !
  8. Hello Canukred.

    Hope that you are having a fabulous day!! :
  9. Cute Teddy Boo Hugs to you Harkatsmom hope you're doing well , thanks for all the contests you post
  10. Hey, Hey...

    What a very cool profile page

    Hope that you are having a great weekend
  11. Hugs to you and your family at this difficult time
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