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  1. Happy Easter to you and yours!!!
  2. HEY!!!!! Happy Easter!!
  3. lol..I love that stuff..if my hubby were here we would be filling the
  4. OMG you are gettign an AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ for effort. WOW girl...
  5. I jsut wanted to leave a special note thanking you for all your efforts.. Without you id be.. ya know... Hugs wonderful!
  6. morning hope your day is going well.
  7. Hey Haun all ok???? Missed uuuu.
  8. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!
  9. Hello!!! I hope your appt goes well. $40.00???????UGH. Ok lmk please...or us all. heheheheheh Extended family here. THoughts are with you.
  10. Thank you Haunish.....I knwo everyone is messed sooo ty ty ty...It perked em up she did such a damn good job.
  11. I love gargoyles, collect them other then the fact that no stores sell them anymore where I live. I love my siggy's, they are yes the tick made them for me
  12. So you into Gargoyles huh? I used to love the cartoon. But at first as your other sign was so cute this went to sexy to me. HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHHEHE

    I like it Course i liek the last one too. Did tick do it?
  13. ty back at youu sweety. I got your surprise here just been real stressed out and way too busy. Will get on it asap. HUGS!
  14. Wish i coudl show you my drawings. I did pencil, mostly a grades however some jerk off did soemthign cause i cant' find them......ERRRRRR. I mean they took em soo much time. Olivia debergenie's? Heard of her. I love her work?
  15. your welcome,I love those pics as well. I have a whole book of pics like that with half naked bad ass them!!
  16. OMG ty ty. I am in LOVE with that pic. I drew nudes or semi nudes in art class and it's my passion. Women are so much more beautiful then men. And shes violent....Perfect. TY TY.
  17. heres another for you
  18. Happy Halloween
  19. OOOO u are damn right no one can compare... ohhhh HOTNESS!!!
  20. I dont think this is bronchitis. I think it was start of pnemounia, cause i get bronchitis a lot too and this was worse..getting better everyday. TY TY
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