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  1. So ready for Spring! Might move up my boot toss to occur before March 31!
  2. Yes, I'm staying warm, heartgirl99! Hope you are warm too! Have a fab Friday
  3. Seems to be a theme, this overcast sky and rain business. Then I went on Twitter, saw a cute mascot for some upcoming Games in Australia and how St. John's NL got a snow blizzard. Guess I need to chin up until Wed! Thanks for the weather update!
  4. there's not sun in our forecast until wednesday.
    it looked the sun might pop out for a moment this afternoon, but no dice
  5. Ms. Sunshine has NOT been available for most of the week. I'd like to go on vacation with her!
  6. thanks for the 'mention"
  7. Then this is your season to go all out and embrace it! I go outside for some air but like when the hot day cools off-feels like relief.
  8. thanks, ciel!
    hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, friends and great food!
  9. Cheers to SC's prolific contest posting heartgirl99! Just wanted to say "hello" and give thanks for your sharing of all your contest finds here on SC!
  10. you're welcome!
  11. For all of your contest postings on SC-you are helping us all keep contest-current! Thank YOU!
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