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  1. hope you have a wonderful birthday, jester!
  2. Happy New Year and thanks for the rep and many likes
  3. Hope your Christmastime is merry and bright.

  4. merry christmas, jester!
    happy holidays!
  5. Happy new year to you, Jester!

    hope 2018 brings happiness and peace.
  6. Happy new year - hope its all you desire and then some.
  7. thanks, jester!

    hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!
  8. All the best to you and your family this Thanksgiving weekend

  9. merry christmas!
  10. '

    Happy Easter!
  11. Thanx for the King Crimson explanation - brilliant. Hope you're well.
  12. hi jester
    not red but crimson
  13. Big congratulations on your pair of gold hearts = you are very worthy. Thanx for all you contribute here
  14. dammit! the rep was supposed to say "baaaaaaa ha ha"
  15. that was a good movie. love denzel. great chase scene through the shanty town.
  16. hi jester!
    that young feller is quite talented!

  17. happy easter!

  18. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  19. Thanx much heartgirl, I'm becoming my normal self once more today. Wondering where I might put my new wheels when I eventually get them!
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