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  1. thank you; I've never been to Mexico, or Jamaica, for that matter. It's not till April 8th, but I'm really excited !!
  2. Congratulations on winning the trip.
    i've been to a Secrets in Jamaica, and it was very nice (high end).
  3. So sad to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you.
  4. Very sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sending out positive thoughts to her.
  5. thx; hey, my grass is already a little greener - yeh !!
  6. g.m. thanks 4 the rep
  7. thanks; washed my car, put the top down, took her out for a spin - fantastic !! have a fun night
  8. thanks, I guess it just wasn't meant to be
  9. thx; hope u had a good eve
  10. thx; hope it was a good one
  11. thank you & have a great day tomorrow
  12. thank you; hope u had a great eve
  13. thank you & good luck tomorrow
  14. g.m. thank you 4 the rep
  15. thx; c u tomorrow
  16. thx 4 the rep; c u Wed
  17. thx 4 the rep; hope u had a nice Valentines Day
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