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  1. Hey there Southern Gal! Nice to hear from you again, tho I whish I had some happier news to tell you. So far, nobody has made it to any meet yet!! Sheesh! There is a girl right here in town, but we haven't got together either! People are too darn busy.
    OK enuf ranting!
    If you tell me your real times you would like to meet- according to your schedule, or what you really like, then lets just do it.
    What do you say?
  2. Hey! Thanks for adding me as your friend! Any luck with the Lethbridge group? I should have added in my reply to you that although weekday evenings work better for me, Saturday any time works as well. If you gals decide to meet weekday afternoons I can try to make it some of the time but will have a little one in tow! Keep me posted!!
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