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  1. Thanks so much!!! =)
  2. Hey!!! LOL I have 11x CT scratch cards but have not done the tape to see what they are, haha If I get $5off then will get Energizer batteries $5.99 , garbage bags 4.97, Tropy nuts 3.99 , Brookside choco 3.99, Amaryaliss plant 4.99 will see how it goes!!!
    Have a great weekend!! Lots of great deals to be found!!! haha
  3. lol I know! How many scratch cards did you find this time?
  4. Oh you should call them & find out where your SPC card is!!! I ordered late August & got it in about 4weeks...been using it alot!!!! LOL Its already paid for its self 10x over, haha (got a bunch of Glade using 7x $10wus$15) hehe
  5. I actually just saw the Olay Body Lotion I think I will be getting that!!! I don't have the SPC card It never came!!!! I have the stupid lou lou subscription though I've been waiting for my card since september!! ughhh
  6. Hmmm! I didn't see the Olay BW in next weeks NF flyer! But Zellers has Olay bw 3.99 + 2x Secret deod 2/$5 =8.99- SPC 10%=$9wub3 =14cents total! for next week!
    LOL, so many deals my head is spinning! haha Just trying to get my lists/coupons together!
    Have a great day!
  7. Thanks =) I was just wondering if they carry over last weeks flyer for two weeks? I thought thats what they did before? I forgot to buy some of the bodywash last week when it was on sale so I was wondering if they would still have that sale this week.
  8. You mean the CT $5 cash card! I'm not sure from reading the post! I sure hope so! I will keep checking back to see if more info! I like the CFL 3pk bulb deal that was posted, hehe Need some!

    If I see anything new, I'll let you know!
  9. omg!! So it is in ontario too??
  10. Thanks for trading! Awww what a cutie pie!
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