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  1. check out the brag thread when you can ; )
  2. thanks : )...... I started a train then got cold feet because no one joined after 2 hours lol
  3. Damn i can't rep you comments =)
  4. just received yesterday afternoon wwas going to post this am I had a minor hand accident yesterday lol washing dish's that requird 4 stichs thanks soooooooooooo much for everything you spoled me and Kayla
  5. Did you recieve the train yet? ummm the 2 envie one lol
  6. For some reason my 1st pick smiley was forbiden!
  7. What dirty pics are you sending me???? It says forbidden on two of them!!!!!
  8. Me Crazy???? Never Are you thank me for handing out my addy you should feel privilige
  9. Crazy woman!!
  10. Boo! Haven't stalked you in a while! Happy Mama Day!!
  11. well I am keeping a close eye on you
  12. Oh I had white txt on white background. I don’t know how that happened! It could be a Boo mystery?!
    Serioussely I didn’t do it on purpose, but burst out laughing when I saw you posted right before me!
  13. I can't read this font oon your page lol so no idea where your stalking me going to go find out though lmao
  14. OMG, i swear i'm not stalking you!! lol
  15. hmm sounds like me of course my son is 6"2 so he dosn't scare easily lol
  16. lol i don't even scare my kids
  17. should I be scared?lol
  18. lol yep, i'm stalking Kelly to for some reason today lol
  19. thanks for the rep meant alot : )
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