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  1. Hello
    hope you and family doing well sorry i have question do you get mails from websaver and go coupons bcz i order royal and some websaver and i didnot get any recently accept first Royale coupon $2 ones afther that nothing i use to get but not anymore dont know whats going on
  2. Family is good no none post that teher will be any get together so even i dont know about it i missed it lasttime when you were going .lol no dexter's barking never bothers us my daughter love them so much they r cute .hope you order new smart source i try to order few bcz my sibling live in building and they always lose thier mail so they order on my address so i order for them too but will see since its one per house hold waiting for P&G last year they didnot send me even one .purex disapoint me lol no more fre e purex this year .u r expert in coupons an dfreebie you know i am just a toddler in this if you know any good deal please do let me know .hope you and family do well .

  3. Hi! I am well, other than working too much! LOL How is your family?

    Have there been any coupon get-togethers that I missed? I haven't been checking in lately, and the last one I went to was in July of last year!
    I haven't been doing much with coupons and freebies lately, other than writing about it - I think I am a bit burnt out about it.

    Sorry about all Dexter's barking lately! He has a bark collar he normally wears when he goes outside, but he managed to hide it on us - and we have looked everywhere! I have ordered another one, hopefully it will arrive any day now, and the neighbourhood will be quiet again. Denny listens to me so much better when I tell him to stop barking...
  4. Hello how u doing it has been long i saw u how u feeling now hope you doing well just wanto say hi
  5. My philosophy is "No good deed goes unpunished"! So many times in my life I wonder why I try to help people - but you just have to focus on those that appreciate your help.

    I haven't tried the online trades, but the get-togethers have been great for getting good coupons I can use.
  6. my point was to share sso people can get advantage bcz i knwo every one order more then one and there are people they r busy dont get that much time family kids work and other so manythging to do life is busy it will help i dont know about trading but there was s one trin somthing they post they have extra coupons to share but my computer was not working so i reply them after 2 days but was too late
  7. thats true i shared it so thought there r people who r working and coupining too and life is busy with kids work home stuff so that will be easy for them since i am sure every one get more tehn one but i gues i did wrong but good experience not share anything on SCC any more and i dont know about tread stuff i really want to but i dont knwo how there was one on sc she post if anyone needs coupons my computer was not working so coupld not reply her so reply after 2 days but was too late .
  8. Sorry some were nasty, there are lots of great people on SC - but it' the nasty ones that stand out. I saw lots of people in that thread cheating the system, so why pick on you? There always has to be at least one mean comment it seems!

    I try not to let mean comments bother me, but I have been known to rant to my son and husband for a while first! LOL

    The best way to get more coupons is to trade coupons, have extras sent to friends or relatives, get your friends or relatives to print off online coupons.

    I will print extras for you or request them for you if I don't need them myself - just ask!
  9. Hello how r u how is everything going i have question about coupons i went to walmart last week so theer were ladies they showed me the way how can somone get more then one coupon at a time so i post it on SC and got response that i am cheating . i didnot mean to abuse coupons or cheating . i am feeling bad bcz that lady said u can try to open 3 or 4 purex sample site an dfill up will get more than 1 so though should share but today after reading comment from other sc i feel like crying by posting that stupid message
  10. Hello how ru and how is everything going . i hav equestion if i see somthing on sale in store that doesnt have branch in durham can i still take flyer to walmart and PM for example foutune has branch in brampton if i find somthing on sale can i take thier flyer to walmart in oshawa and price match . sorry to bother u i really wanto save even though i am scared since i am a chicken LOL but still wanto try dont know if i would be able to or no and every thing is so confuing about coupons
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