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  1. Oh ok!! Welcome back!! WE missed you!!
  2. i deleted everyone way back when but bubby is back!
  3. Hi! I thought we were friends already!! haha Thanks for the invite!! Happy Holidays to you!!
  4. LOL love those dancing bananas!! even dressed up!!
  5. Thanks for the banana rep! Think I've gone bananas, haha
    Have a great day!
  6. Oh I know...I think she loves it!! JK around, lol
    Thanks for the link!! I will have fun with these new smilies!! SC needs more selection, haha
    Thanks & have a great night!!

    Anne LOVES them, don't let her fool you ... she's Bub's biggest fan
  8. Thanks for the Dancing Banana rep!! haha You gotta tell me where to find cute!! Thanks!!
    Anne...hates those, lol
  9. Happy Valentines Day!
  10. Thanks for the rep! & virtual candies!! yum!! Have a super weekend!
  11. Are you stalking me??? haha Cute pics & thanks for the rep!!
    Have a super day!
  12. Thanks for the rep & cute pics!!
    Have a great day!
  13. Thanks for the rep! So many sweet Scers!
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