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  1. Merry Christmas bub
  2. Hiya bub, hope all is well with you
  3. Thanks for all you do here at SC bub. Best wishes for this holiday season!
  4. Oh bub, hang in there!!! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, hope the doc can help.
  5. hey dee thanks for the message. so so ... not SOOO bad today, just 2 attacks but i haven't been able to eat in 5 days. probably the equivalent of 1 day's food so i am really weak. even looking at food makes me gag :S ...
    off to the doctor on wednesday, really looking forward to that!
  6. Hi bub,
    just wanted to drop by and say hello , how are you doing?
  7. Thank you for the gift!! what a nice surprise . And thanks for the info, too though 'technically' it wasn't specifically directed but I do know what you mean bub
  8. LOL
    send them over to me, I don't mind muscles at all lol
    Have a great week bub
  9. blame patty ... she likes scaring me with muscley men
  10. Hi bub, how've you been?
    thanks for the rep

    *omg that pic below is funny lol
  11. ACK! my eyes!
    Umm.. why did I come in here again?.. oh yeah..
    Thanks for the rep bub! Have a great weekend!
  12. Seasons Greetings Bub!
  13. Thanks for the rep bub! Hope you have a good week
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Thanks for all your contributions here
  15. Thanks for the rep, bub!
  16. thanks for the rep
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