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  1. crazy!!! well he turned out quite handsome
  2. well MortgageQueen rescued him, I just stole him from her, but yes that is the little itty bitty kitten I had as my FB pic
  3. wait wait wait is that THE kitty kat you rescued???
  4. Thanks, he has gotten so big recently
  5. your cat is really cute! just wanted to say that lol
  6. everyone!
    i must've been PMSing
  7. ahhhhh but me? ~sniff sniff~
  8. i wiped out my entire friends list at least 6 months ago when that whole me being removed as a mod thing occurred and i was going to leave ...
    and then decided to stay and relax lol
  9. I thought we were already friends too
  10. tis a special one too where the hologram type thingy shows him moving
  11. yessss that is AWESOME lol
  12. Lol
  13. i plan on saying something if necessary LOL
  14. Just disgraceful behaviour by him, you should have littleman innocently say it looks gross!
  15. i can think of a few places i could wear that lol
  16. isn't stalking awesome?!
  17. I am stalking Anne stalking you lol

  18. what an amazing rep!!
  19. Happy Hump Day
  20. yeah they tend to worry about stuff like that lol
    It was crawling with cops and security yesterday
  21. ohhhhh lol well that explains a lot
  22. I am requesting a photo made with youknowwho saying "I support saxophone players" please lol ... SC candy payment pending
  23. woo hoo hooS
  24. sure
  25. you wanna make me a siggy with a few T&S pics? i can send you some of my favs and you can take it from there i will pay back with ... umm .... my eternal gratitude
  26. me too
  27. crap i couldn't resist and i commented lol
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