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  1. LOL - ok if i spot Kool maybe i'll ask
  2. hmm - my suggestion ....

  3. I swear i've seen longer ones - and it never used to be an issue...darn technology
    Ok - well i,ll revamp it at the weekend as per your instructions.Thanks bub
  4. i THINK it might just be too long
    what i'd do if i were you is create a long post in the trading section and then just put the LINK in your about me section
  5. bub can you help me ?? - I have issues with my wish list, it keeps cutting things off at the bottom
    Do you think i did something to it??
  6. ....So did you find a copy of the rouge coupons...
  7. I have a bunch of Healthychoice $1 exp jan 2011 in well as Stouffers $2 sauté sensations..again in french..are they any good for you. Cos they really need a loving home!!
  8. Ontario
    and really only if I also have an English copy of the same coupon
  9. bub - can i ask you where in the world you are...aka can you use french coupons?
  10. Well lets just save something for another day...not sure i could cope with anymore excitement,lol

  11. by the way it's exactly the same to add a profile picture
    just click edit profile picture instead of edit avatar
  12. Ahhh - its there...i'm so proud...I have an avatar.Thanks Bub
  13. okay so here goes!

    CLick on USER CP (at the top in the red bar), then under the 3rd heading click on "edit avatar" ,... then click on the BOX that says Choose File, find the file on your computer, click it and save changes
  14. Ok found one on wht??
  15. what about some nice flowers

    or cute stuff uhhh ... i don't know what you like lol
  16. Okay - now just give me a sec....ok,ok a few mins....i'm trying to figure out who hid the pictures on the computer
  17. no SERIOUSLY it's SO easy!!
    OKay I am going to suggest some photos LOL ... what types of things do you like
    I can find you some cute photos to choose from then it will take 10 seconds and you'll be done
  18. Oh grief ....think i'm having a hot flash...must be the stress...
  19. nooooo stinking way!!! That is not an acceptable answer lol ...
    do you have a photo on your computer you want to use? or can you find a cute photo online somewhere that you like?
    It's my new mission. before the end of the da you will have an avatar!!
  20. Avatar...ok now thats WAAYYY above my skill set....i can post,email,pm...and thats it!
  21. how come you don't have an avatar?? this is a MUCH more important topic
  22. LOL- well i never said it made sense!!
  23. lol don't be silly! who knew anyways?
    that's so dumb though, what's the deal with that?!
  24. Oh wow thanks bub..i was feeling guilty....silly i know but what can you do(well actually i ran away from the site for a while but now i'm back!!)
  25. LOL it's okay!!! I would've sent you the gift anyways
  26. OMGoodness Bub - i just tried and was told its not open to Quebec peeps.
    I'm so sorry, i can't be your first ...and you were so sweet to send me a pressie too...I didn't know
  27. my first referral!!!

    okay i looked it up it's

    thanks a million
  28. I tell you what - you get your link up and running...and i'll sign up under it!!
  29. lol nope. just do it!
  30. Thanks bub - you did help!!
    I swear one of these days i'm going to stop thinking about joining Swagbucks and just do it. It has to be better than OpinionOutpost cos i get DQ'd from just about everything there...can't really be DQ'D from doing searches..or can i,lol!!
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