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  1. Hello Back bub
  2. thanks for the odd rep lol
  3. haha so cute!
  4. whatever do you mean
  5. That rep seemed a little stalkish lol!!!

  6. Just to cheer you up when u need it and to let u know your SC family will Always luv you!!!!
  7. Thanks for the rep

  8. Hi bub I know you don't celebrate Christmas but hopefully Happy Holidays is ok!!!!! Hope all is well!!!!
  9. Good to hear!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the 3 Easy Ups coupons they were on sale today at Fortinos so I bought 3 packs very happily lol
  11. you are very welcome! Wasn't sure if she's "old enough" (every family has their own rules!) but I figured they are pretty light and sparkly, girly
    In any case, glad it brightened your day.

  12. Thankyou so much for the thoughtful gift and card. It really toched me. Kayla was very happy and told me to tell you thankyou from her! Thanks bub I really needed that today.
  13. hey not sure if you want to blog this my heinz isn"t going to sell there baby formula I posted in the parrenting section Have a great night bub!
  14. Do I dare say that was my forth or so chore, already did some laundry, dishs, dusting in living
  15. eeee cute owlies

  16. It is five days now so getting annoyed lol!!!
  17. I removed my quote for def of toot was going to remove it right away but you and mercy quoted me lol I just don't want to get in trouble some really cranky mods on here lol
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