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  1. for magazine shoots (not random papparazi shots) he's VERY photogenic
  2. re: Pattinson: I actually think he's not good looking, but this photo for some reason is soooo sexy...reminds me of the Donnie Walberg underwear ads from way back...*drool*

  3. but but ...
    sooo cute

  4. OMG yes!! I could even see you dressing that way!! I forgot about her, lol...she is so cute too, you should email your photo to the movie company, maybe they need a mascot for shows or something, lol j/k
  5. patty/kool/dh/anne think i look like her older sister
    they say this is cartoon bub

    lol but i heart agnes
  6. Merry Christmas Bub!
  7. congrats, well deserved win!
  8. awe, you're so cute.
    phenomenal album, they deserve it!
  9. Kings of Leon won Best Album award...I know you like them, so congrats!
  10. Good morning! Thanks for the rep!
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