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  1. hope 2011 is being good to you
  2. just didn't want you to miss me too much
  3. oops I did it again, and I dont mean Brittny on the Q107 site...a posting bigger than my help?!!!
  4. yes, i appreciate the rest thanks
  5. and a snowy good morning salutation to you...thanks for the rep. Hope you notice I have been behaving with my less than humungous posts..wanted to give you a break over the holidays....
    have a great still on holidays til next another ski day today...cheers
  6. your welcome...and cheers to 2011
  7. health and happiness to you and yours in 2011
    NewYears Cheers
  8. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. that size if fine because you don't have to scroll waaaaaaaay over to see the page
  10. promise I have been soooo til today..need your editing magic on the Q are THE best posting parole editng officer ever....
  11. happy mid week reps
  12. absolutley brilliant - thank you
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