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  1. Hey gf! Thansk you so much for the friend request....
    I really thought you were already one of my buddies .... which is why I never sent you an invite!
    Regardless, I am happy you did!

  2. Perfect size....
    Mine was not much larger..... I love weddings. Always a happy occasion and so full of hope and promise!!!
  3. It's good to see you around... THanks so much for the rep! And if those are your feet in the pic...
    I like your shoes!
  4. How the hang are you!? I am happy to see you visitied... and left me a little momento of yourself! I looked ariound to add some colour to my page but so far haven't found it. Will continue my quest when I have more time. Be good and or have fun
  5. You should have told me you were in jail! One of my buddies told me there are some hot men there... "lolsign:
    Thank for the rep.

    I will see you later!
  6. in the beauty industry!

    thanks again you have a great week too
  7. I think you are blessed with a natural ability! What type of marketing do you do? I do sales and Marketing as well. You must be creative and you may not realize it! Anytime you feel like being creative, you can assist me in sprucing my page up! Enjoy a delightful week ahead!
  8. I'm in marketing now - does that count? lol ... I just happen to love those colors
  9. You are most welcome! I meant it too! I am the person who says what is on their mind. I will not say some thing if I don't mean it!
    Are you in a field of work or school that involves the arts? Regardless, you do have a talent!
    Have a good night and I'll catch you later
  10. thanks for the profile compliments!
  11. Thanks for the rep! I really like the way you've decorated in here. One of the best colour choices... easy to read too! Have a good night and an even better Sunday in the
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