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  1. your rep made me thanks
  2. that's great bub so glad to hear it's going well i forgot today was tues last night i thought it was tues lol i'm slowly going crazy from lack of sleep lol
  3. SHOCKINGLY well ... like 'should i be concerned this is going so well' well... LOL
  4. that's right bub it's your first day back how is going? are you doing ok?

    i hope it's going well HUGS
  5. ooooh pretty birdie rep thanks
  6. Hi Bub i'm so sorry to hear about your friend HUGS
  7. sc shuts down every am at 4:45 am lol
  8. that's exactly what were going to do and most likely a new toy too just what he needs just had his b day almost x mas and more toys oh boy i need a bigger house lol
  9. Well they knocked out minime when he broke his arm and it was very scary but he was fine afterwards, just a bit confused as he came to because he could see 3 of everything til his vision came back fully.
    Just rent him lots of movies and maybe you will get in some good snuggle time
  10. ya i'm scared of him being put to sleep and then a week of not being able to run around and play
    he bounces back so easily this guy i'm scared he might forget and do something silly lol
  11. oh wow 15 minutes that's amazing!
    Yes of course you are the mommy you are supposed to be scared but that's okay you will both do great!
  12. it went well his surgary is booked for jan 31 it's just a 15 minute operation but still freaks me out a little
  13. how did it go yesterday?
  14. i want to eat my rep yummmm thanks
  15. thanks Bub
  16. *hugs*
  17. not really LOL late 30's here and my mom started early too gee thanks mom
  18. ahh.... kinda early though no?
  19. LOL but i did
  20. Thanks Bub
  21. nah, you deserve it even more then!
    i think you have to PM amberlab with which GC u want
  22. just because of the thread you know i vote everyday anyways

    but what do i do now?
  23. guilty??? what are you talking about? be happy!
  24. thanks Bub but why do i feel so guilty about winning
  25. well glad to hear he's ok bub oh man those boys they have no fear ok well my oldest is a little chicken but my little guy thinks he's superman *shaking my head*
  26. ouch! no he's not had any headaches he was fine once they cleaned it out, thank goodness it wasn't any worse but yeah he gave me a good scare
  27. ouch poor little guy when my oldest yes again whacked his head at mcdonald's he needed stitches they had a sharp edge right by the slide he turned around and whack it really does scare you doesn't it does he have any headaches?
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