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  1. great, hope you can get to Walmart before end of month.
  2. I got a rather nice surprise in my mailbox yesterday. Thank you very much. Very, very generous indeed.
  3. Oh great, I was loosing faith in C.Post. I still had my rant, probably misplaced frustration from being on the bridge for an hour.
    P.S when you get a chanve I 'd love a rating.
  4. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the coupons. I checked my mail and they were in there today.

    cannot wait for the transit strike to be over.
  5. okay, I am worried now. Thanks goodness this is not an out of town/province trade. I plan to leave some by your door on my way home from work tomorrow. I just put them in an envelope and hand them in a bag on your door.
    So So soryy this didn't get to you.....I just bet someone at the sorting plant saw them through the envelope and kept them. This has never happened to me before ever, so I can't help but think that. Once I sent my daughter a package of post it notes (with her name on it cause it was cute) in the mail and the side of the envelope was cut open and taped when she got it!
  6. well, please let me know. That would make me amgry becasue I sent out another trade same time exactly and she got it yesterday. I even put 2 stamps on it to make sure. If you do not get them today I will go to Canada Post and complain. At any rate, I do have more and then will try again.
  7. Hi Janne. I haven't recieved my envelope yet. maybe today.
  8. please let me know if you got your envelope yet.
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