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  1. Ok I can take all of them off your hands if you want. Or just the stackable ones Or anything expiring in 2012. Have you seen anything on my TL that your interested in... I have a few other things as well from the recent Smart source flyer and some more ones I haven't had a chance to add on there yet. But let me know what u are looking for and I'll take a looksie. Thanks.
  2. Ok the $3.00 dry dog food is stackable one is (dec 31,2011 -64156239) (jan 17,2012 -64155685) as well as the wet dog food $0.50 (dec 31,2011-64156196) (jan 17,2012-64156066)
    The $2.00 caesars is stackable too
  3. No problem, I pratically live on Smart Canucks LOL.
    Do u know if any of the Iams or any of them are stackable? And do they all exp in Dec 11/11? Those are the brands I dont normally buy because they are so expensive, but they wouldnt be if I can stack.. Thanks!
  4. Ok sorry it took so long ive been so busy
    I have
    $3.00 off nutro natural choice grain free dog food
    +3 $0.50 Wub any lams wet dog food
    +3 $3.00 Wub lams dry dog food
    $5.00 eukanuba dry dog food
    $0.50 wet dog food eukanuba
    +4 $2.00 Caesar new dry food
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