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  1. No problem, glad to help I'm still learning things around here too and I know there are many others too. But to me that's part of the fun. If I can help, just ask. Happy hunting!
  2. OK...that does help! Thank you! There is quite a lot on this site that I find confusing and I don't really know what everything is for. I suppose I will figure things out as I go since I'm still fairly new. I'm having so much fun entering contests, and it takes up enough time already... You have a good week, too!
  3. Hi jcjaj

    Reps to someone lets them know you like what they posted. When reading posts look to the left of the post, in the box with their tagname, you'll see these symbols at the bottom

    If you click on the middle symbol a box will pop up and you can type in a message e.g. "Great contest, thanks!" "Thanks for the vote!" "Great freebie, thanks" anything really It's another way to acknowledge someone, just a little more personal and adds to their reputation.

    Hope that helps? Have a great week
  4. me figure out this "rep" stuff...I don't get it at all!!!?
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