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  1. Happy Easter
  2. WTG!! Nice to get those extra BP's!! I've done 3 on my card...but need to do a couple on mom's card this week!!
    Gotta be ready for the next bonus redemption day!! (maybe May 07 i heard!)
    Have a great night!
  3. I finally did it. Went to SDM today downtown picked up some Oral-B Pro-Health 8+ toothbrushes. They were priced at $2.99 x 5 - $14.95 less my $5 in coupons of course and I received 140 optimum points. I've already used the 3,000 bonus points offer on both cards I have so I didn't want to risk losing any points for fraud.

    Now I just have to wait for Multibiona vitamens to go on sale again and that would be awesome
  4. Yes, the cosmetic counter isn't very big, lol when it comes to a 20Xday!! That & the shopping carts too small!!
    I buy my GC first, then she scans my SDM card, rings thru everything & then I give my coupons...but do what works for you!! I'm always worried about my subtotal ($50+) so i do it this way, lol

    I also give the cashier my bags & she bags it as we go along...

    LOL, did you see the new flyer posted for April 23 already!!SDM is gonna kill us with all these promos!! haha
    Also see my post on up coming promos!! Got some inside info!!!
    Have a great day!!
  5. Oh I give the coupon as she checking in the item. So the amount comes off before the subtotal and before they scan the optimum card. If only they had bigger counters like grocery stores. I usually purchase so much that it all can't fit on the little counter so I usually end up putting the items they've checked in back in the cart. I guess I do it this way to avoid confusion later when reading the coupons.
  6. Hi!! I get SDM to total my order so I know I'm over the $50+ then I give the coupons! How do you do it??
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