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  1. I know about the downtown group but it is too far for me.
    I would love to meet with people from Thornhill and markam up here.
    I also have found next to nothing. Have been to Soby's food basics, shoppers and the new freshco and have found all of 2 coupons.Found two empty Hagan daz tear pads.
    I haven't checked out the asian stores in markham lately.
  2. I've been crazy busy. Haven't found anything to exciting either. The only new coupon I came across was an Energizer Max $1 off at RCSS. Other than that nothing. I'll be attending the coupon meet downtown Toronto either June 20th or 22nd. Not sure if you've looked at the local tab and if that would be of interest to you. I tend to get a lot of coupons from the meet and it's a great bit of fun to meet other SC's. I work downtown so it's easy for me. Have you been checking out those websites I posted on Asian grocery stores in Markham. Trying to spend more time outside with my daughter these days with the weather being so nice.
  3. Havn't seen you post much just thought I would say Hi!
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