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  1. wow! $625 is awesome...I did $500 last year but only $375 this year. will save up for the next round. yes, I saw your thread on that lady's comments...some nerve. to each their own i guess. she must not have heard the news: coupons are the new "plastic"! LOL have a good night!
  2. Ours went great, next time I'll only get a medium coffee though, my eyes were basically popping out of my head lol! We redeemed for $625 overall and got to apply SCOP to lots of things like an Aveeno Cleanser/Moisturiser Bonus Pack :O, Gillette razor/cartridges/shave gel Bonus Pack, nail polish, hair comb and some more small things . When we went back on the Sunday we got mostly food items for our pantry and there was a woman in line behind us who made a nasty remark about the tip I gave the cashier. That was really the only bad part of the weekend though
  3. Yes, I saw you and your mom when I checked out. I had two very full carts and another small basket! glad I made a list of all my items along with prices, made it easier to calculate the fillers or price changes without a calculator. Got everything on my list for the two redemptions and a kind store clerk helped me carry all the bags to my car! So awesome. Hubby was super impressed by the free spree and savings. How did yours go...I think you said you were heading back on the Sunday for the second redemption right?

    Well I saw the pic of a baby in your siggy...your little one? She is a cutie pie for sure! Hope you and mum are well and maybe we'll see each other around town again soon.
  4. Heyyy we met at Shoppers!!! How did your redemption go?
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