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  1. Hey Jody I think your just missing in action but in case you didn't get my pm I have the train running again will wait a little bit longer then have to get moving
  2. I heard. Someone sent them to me and I passed them on without realizing until I went to use one. I sent you a bonus in your BP on your train.
  3. Hello
  4. Ooops. I have given you bonus feedback a few times
  5. oh so about an hour behind ok thanks lol
  6. lol np : )
  7. Duh on my part. I realized after I sent you the message that it wa a bundle.
  8. My wishlist you seen? I took down what coupons I have it just too consuming but have alot of great coupons lol ; )
  9. Saw your thread in the trading section but I can't find your trade list?
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