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  1. Thanks for the rep!
  2. Thanks for the rep!
  3. Thanks and thanks for the rep!
  4. Thanks Jonesey!!!! I hope today works out....fingers crossed!
  5. Oh and now there is a $1 VH off coupon in today's Smartsource... I'll race ya to GT! lol
  6. Thanks for the info!!!
  7. Hi Koolaid, yes, my son and hubby really liked the Ginger Beef Steamers so yes I would say they are a good one to get. Better hurry as the GT price is could change...
  8. Thanks for the rep!
  9. Thanks and thanks for the rep!!
  10. Thanks for the rep!!! I tried to rep you back but it won't let me....virtual reps!!
  11. Glad you got some!! If I get more coupons I will definately check out the Rexall in the south and let you know...
  12. I'm a couple minute walk from Westney and Delany!!!! So close! We might have to go shopping sometime!
  13. I am in North Ajax, Rossland and Harwood area. Where are you?
  14. Nice to meet you too....and sorry for clearing some!!! Are you in the north or south?
  15. Wow, a local! Nice to meet you!
  16. lol... I saw your post and I'm in Ajax too!!!
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