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  1. I didn't like it that much. I dont like that pinkinsh purpley colour in the palette. And it just didn't wow me at first.
    and i think i am going to take a break from buying more make up. I'll wait till our next trip to Vancouver which is going to be in November.
  2. Have you seen the previews of the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette coming out in october? I think you would love the palette cause lot of shimmers!
  3. Actually nothing! Absolutely nothing! I have so much make up and i love it so much that i don't want to buy more cosmetics to share my love. Lol. Yesterday i saw pur minerals secret crush eye shadow palette at sdm. It is a neutral eye shadow palette and i love the colours. I was actually watching its swatches and reviews right now. Lol. I want it so bad but i already have these colours in other palettes. But a rebellious teenage girl in me says that i HAVE TO buy it. Ughhh...i hate this little shimmer loving girl in me. :@
    Other than that, i am telling myself that i will not buy more make up for a long time. Heart hates brain right now. Lol
  4. Hello! What cosmetics do you have your eyes on?
  5. I LoVe Murale too! You need to move to Vancouver
  6. because "free feels good" LOL. PC Plus is no bueno.
  7. Reason?
  8. I love SDM!
  9. Lol amira. All this time I didn't know what fpc meant. I only know how to collect sdm points. Lol
  10. I already have 3,4 eye shadow kits but i didn't have any urban decay palette (after returning naked 3 kit @ sephora) so i wanted to buy just this one. Not a lot of make up. I could've done 2 transactions of $75 each IF AND ONLY IF that was an18500pts/$75 promo day.
    20x promo day is not my favourite to buy expensive make up.

    But one thing is for sure that i will go to that sdm every time we visit Vancouver.
  11. Hi jsmile! I guess your $3.10 off coupon can get you free shampoo. Someone on sdm personalized coupons was telling me that i can use this coupon on....ummmm..... i guess one shampoo is on sale for....iguess $2.99.

    I'll read these posts again and msg you here.

    Free stuff! Happy us!

    Ok so i just read those posts.....and fructis pink bottle shampoo is on sale for $2.99. Someone mentioned that it is advertised on the front page....... check your flyer and plan accordingly!
  12. Wow. You had a very crappy experience with a very non experienced crappy cashier. I dont like it when they don't train their cashiers and then these cashiers read EVERY WORD OF SDM COUPONS and come uo with their own interpretation....

    The best option is to find out a friendly cashier who is willing to try everything for a customer (especially regular customer) and take their system's word to accept the coupon or not, and go to that cashier always. Hopefully you will have better luck with their cashiers next time.
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