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  1. thanks! Atkins isn't a low cal diet, but a low carb one so cals aren't anything you really have to worry about. i forgot about this thread since it's so old lol i've actually lost a little more weight since, it's a very easy lifestyle and i've been living it for over 2 years. suggestions, read, read! soak in as much information about how and WHY this science works! on dr. oz today, Gary Taubes will be his guest, he is a HUGE proponent of low carb and has a fantastic new book out that i HIGHLY reccomend..."why we get fat & what to do about it". also, you could join, it's the most informative & supportive place ever! you will learn so much best of luck to you on your journey, if you need anything, please let me know!
  2. I was checking out your weight loss thread and WOW is all i can say. I am so wanting to lose weight. Today I had a little break down because my old clothes dont fit. you are an inpiration to me and many others. Thanks a lot. I just ordered the atkin low-cal recipe book. Is there any other suggestion?!?
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