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  1. hey karl!
    haven't seen you here in a long time.
    hope everything's ok with your dad and rest of the family

  2. hey karl!
    sorry to hear about your dad! i hope he makes a great recovery! sounds like he's pretty determined and tough!
    hope you and donna get better soon too.
    all the best!
  3. happy thanksgiving!

  4. if it's physics you enjoy you might like to read "richard feynmann lectures on physic" or a lighter 'surely you're joking, mr. feynmann' he was a physics nobel prize winner in the 1950's. seems he was quite a character too!
  5. Hi! And yes, it's Walter Isaacson's book I'm wallowing through at the moment. At times I find it hard to put down, and at other times I just can't get into it. But it's a WONDERFUL account of Einstein's life and theories. I am enjoying it! Have a great weekend!!
  6. thanks for the rep!
    einstein's bio? are you reading isaacson's book? i got about 200 pages in before giving up... too dry but exciting era in physics!!!
  7. thanks for the rep!
  8. thx for the rep!
  9. thanks for the rep!
    any hey! you can't beat a good organ fugue!
  10. thx for the rep! maybe you, me and loocie can do a cookie swap
  11. thanks for the rep!
  12. thanks for the rep!
  13. thx for the rep!
  14. whew! had me worried. not liking the idea of seeing a bright blast in the sky over rdp!

  15. Noooo! Not a meth lab - a Mad Scientist's Secret Lair-type Lab, where I create mechanical monsters and other wonderful toys! And thanks for the rep points!
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