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  1. hello, karl!
    i hope this note finds you and your wife well on your way to a speedy recovery.

    my dad suffered a huge heart attack about 10 years ago. most of his heart was damaged, 2 valves completely blocked and the third with a 60% blockage. i was sitting beside my dad when he had a stroke a few years ago. that was a tough one for everyone. it was heartbreaking to see my tall, handsome, strong and smart dad who taught me so much, in a compromised position.

    sunday we had a big, family party at a banquet hall to celebrate my ma's 83rd and my dad's 90th birthday. he was in his glory...he beamed all afternoon! his body's showing deterioration, but his strength of character and "marbles" are all still all there.

    i pray your dad makes a speedy recovery as well,
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