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  1. Just saw your avatar and thought I'd see how life is treating you? Things are a little better with me lately...
  2. Hi How are you doin? Been thinking about you.
  3. Thanks for the xmas card! Yep doing ok but tried to be superhuman and now paying for it. Floors going in on Monday (for the 2nd try). Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Miss you too.
  4. Happy New Year! Hope all is well :>
  5. Thanks so much for the RAOK you are wonderful!
  6. Hi thanks for the response still learning how to use this site not sure where to find the list about you? How do I go about getting the coupons from you? Do I just need to send you a couple of stamps by mail. Sorry I may sound dumb just inexperienced and needing a hand to show me around Thanks again for the response Tara
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