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  1. haha, thank you.
  2. I LOVE your new nicname!
  3. I could, but I don't like pink really. And even when she is in a completely pink sun dress, she's STILL called a handsome boy. I've given up. She knows what's under her diaper, so it doesn't matter what anyone calls her
  4. Lol, yes, she's a cute lil' lad. lol Your daughter is adorable! You are very blessed. Take a picture of her in something pink and frilly perhaps?
  5. lolz. She is a cute lad isn't she?
  6. Hello Katyana08, thank you for the reputation. I would have thanked you sooner but couldn't figure out how I all of a sudden acquired a little green dot of reputation! lol
    Adorable baby BTW. Have a great day!
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