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  1. I added you to yahoo msg I have it on a lot but due to a friend that gives me no peace when I'm on (seriously he im's me every few minutes for however long until I get tired and tell him I'm off to do something lol so now i'm invisible most of the time. I am on msn msg a lot more and always visible if you have that I'm [email protected] on there. I think I can combine the two but not sure how. Anyway IM me if you want and if I'm online I'll always answer you on yahoo.
  2. You can usually catch me on Yahoo messenger - sometimes, more than not up during the wee hours of the morning - les3445
  3. I get thru the list cause I "don't have a life!" rofl sadly!
  4. dh is as big as an outhouse ... close to 400 lbs ... genetrics he says! my ass!
  5. Finding a book (s) that might interest you are hit and miss. I requested almost every posting since i started, but... the past two postings I didn't bother, nothing interested me. Well you have fun... and there is a thread in SC for harpercollins first look, but be darned if I can remember which it is, I always have to do a search .. it is for the CDN First Look though and we don't get as many offerings as US.
  6. You need to visit the site and choose the books you would like to read. Then you need to choose that book(s) and tell them why you would like to read each of them.
  7. If you love books, do you belong to I belong to the CDN. version. They send you books (previews usually not released, which you keep). Then you write a short review of the book, 20 words or less... I have read 5 books thru them and I started in August.
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