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  1. Ok sounds good to me....i may be going tomorrow night to London Drugs, but i may not. I am waiting on a ton of coupons that would make it worth the trip. If not i will have to wait another week or 2. If only the van would fix itself
  2. My boy is 3.. 4 in March... and like I said.. anytime you wanna go... pm me and I will send you my number.
  3. I live in Sunrise Circle....I love just to walk around and see what i can find. I do get dirty looks at the cashiers My fiance tends to vanish when its time to pay. My son is 2 1/2 years old and boy is he a handful
  4. that would be super cool... any time you want a tag along to teach the ropes to give me a shout.. everyone thinks I an crazy when I say I just want to walk the aisles and see what I can see. I live in Ross Glen. Where are you? How old is your little one?
  5. Well if you ever need a ride and i am going out i am available. I can only go out after 7:30pm Our van is broken so i am down to own car. I also babysit during to the day so no go then. Usually weekends is when i go and i drive the fiance to work if i need to go
  6. The hardest part for me is actually getting to the stores. No car or drivers so I have to "bum"
  7. How are things going?? I hope you get the hang of everything on here. Its so easy and lots of people to help you out
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