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  1. sure sure gee just pick on the old bat
  2. Old did I say old? um I meant your a spring chicken. Yah yah that's what I meant lol.
  3. who you calling old? lol I can't stay mad at people no worries by gones are by gones.
  4. Hi my old friend, i'm so sorry for your loss. It has been such a bad year for so many people, sometimes i'm afraid to answer the phone. Love your picture, not sure if you want to continue our friendship, I know I was a bad friend, and i'm sorry.
  5. Hi my friend, just came on and wanted to say HI and hope things are going good for you, haven't been on for almost a year oh my I missed you, hope to be around more, hope the coming new year is great for you.
  6. just so you don't think I didn't say anything I never did receive an envie from you guess CP ate it : (
  7. Awe thanks, that's so cute.
  8. psssss new train up ; )
  9. oh you are quick lol I just updated pics of her cake ; ) lol
  10. check out the bragging thread ; )
  11. reserved a seat just in case let me know miss you
  12. Do you need any coupons I can send you a roak let me know what your looking for
  13. Hi my friend, yep i'm back, i missed you and all the great ladies on here. I'm all better and had some time off and now i'm ready to start my stash again, my cupboard is very bare lol.
  14. ITS Bear!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!
  15. miss you
  16. Love your new avatar!!! So Cute
  17. hellllloooooooooooooooo? Did you get my message below?
  18. Hey I want a libary with a ladder sliding around!!!!!lol NP Bear I have a few of the new tearpads very odd to find some but I did PM me a recent wishlist and see what I can add
  19. Hey buddy, i would love to do another bundle with you, let me know. I need an assortment of things as my trading stash is just sad, at the moment.
  20. I know the addy for your package hehehehe lol Join erins train I am go now lol
  21. Nevermind i just jumped off.
  22. LOL you can trade with me anytime or reserve a seat ahead of time for a train lol
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